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Søren Sigurd
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22nd-May-2006 12:34 am - Week 007 - Threads
Matching the userinfo
+ Avery; 6G Boys' dorm, 11:00 pm

+ Jaci; Library Entrance, 2:50 pm


+ Sascha; Seekrit Club signup, 5:40 pm (7)

+ Jackie, Trefor; Revealing stuff in common room, 3:09 pm (9)

solemn for the anthem, Gryffindor colours

+ Zoe, Rita, Trefor; Just outside the Great Hall, 3:30 p.m.

+ Charlie; Filch's Office, 8 p.m.

+ Jackie; Boys Gryffindor dorm, 12:45 p.m. Closed. (18)


+ Avery; Prefect's bathroom, 7 p.m. Closed. (21)


8th-May-2006 11:45 pm(no subject)
cheerful yo, Smile and be happy
[Posted in the Gryffindor Common Room - Which ultimately means within the day, the whole school would know]


This might not be of any interest for some of you, but for those gossip mongers out there, listen up! I have finally discovered the identity of the "Mystery Girl" that one Cyrus Weller has been seeing for the past few weeks.

of our very own House of Gryffindor!

Yes, shocking isn't it? How long have you two been hiding out on us? And whatever for? I must say, the two of you together make a very fetching couple. Don't try to deny it, Lauren, I've seen some of the letters you and Cyrus have been exchanging. I've read a few over his shoulder the last time he received one.


Now, come out of the closet (or wherever you two have been snogging)! Oh, whoops, I just pulled you two of from the closet, haven't I? Heh.

oocCollapse )
26th-Apr-2006 09:58 pm(no subject)
like from a legend, Firey passion


+ Jackie; Quidditch field at 1:05 p.m.
+ Julie; Lake side at 4 p.m.
+ Avery, Emilia; Corridors, 7 p.m.


+ Bran; Their dorm then out, 1:30 a.m.


9th-Apr-2006 02:53 pm - ooc - Week 004 threads
Lions for the win!, Gryffindor pride
Okay, I submit and follow the trend I've been avoiding now. :P I gotta keep track since I've got a hitlist to go after as well.

New DA recruitment hitlist:
+ Zoe - Sunday, 25 September. Empty classroom, 11: 00 pm
+ Erik - Sunday, 25 September. Hospital Wing, 7:30 am Closed! (14)
+ Cyrus - Monday, 26 September. Lake, 3:15 p.m.
+ Trefor - Asked by Zoe?
+ Avery - Monday, 26 September. Great Hall/Outside, Lunch Closed! (15)
+ Sebastion - Asked by Bran.
+ Alexis - Wednesday, 28 September. Outside Astronomy classroom, 2:00 a.m.
+ Bran
+ Charlie?
+ Juhi - Asked by Jaci?
Oh screw it, whoever I get to thread with and isn't FUKD happy might get on the list?

DA 'sign up' Meeting
Saturday, 1 October. Hog's Head, 2:45 p.m. (1)
The thread is continued HERE!

+ Julian - Tuesday, 27 September. Greenhouse, 4:00 pm Closed! (13)

+ Astronomy - Wednesday, 28 September. Astronomy tower, midnight
... Maybe he'll be skipping some. 8)

EDIT: Four threads simutaneously at the same time is crazy. *nods* Forgive me for slow replies. D:
8th-Apr-2006 07:49 pm(no subject)
like from a legend, Firey passion
[Heavily charmed to appear illegible; hexed to give you hives and rashes if you try hacking unless you’re Trefor, Zoe, Cyrus, Erik and Avery]

I’m not sure just how to start this but I’m sure all of you have pretty much noticed that I was pretty much invisible this week, huh? Well, sometime came up. Something big. I’m not quite sure how to explain it right now and paper probably isn’t a good idea.

But before all that, how do you guys feel about this whole blood issue? Apart from the Slytherins, just that issue in general? I know how two of you feel about it already, but what about the others?

[/End charm]

So, this has been a very screwed up week, hasn’t it? Anyone have a clue on when the first Hogsmeade weekend is?

~ Soren
25th-Mar-2006 10:24 pm - Journal Entry
like from a legend, Firey passion
Saturday, 17th September, 2005

[charmed private]


I don't even know how to start this entry. This week has been absolutely wild. I'm not sure whether it would be for the good sense or not. I'd skipped a couple of classes to work on 'Secret Project P' for most of the week and it had been going along great until Runes with stupid.. Merde, I forgot her name again. That blonde Slytherin girl. I swear, seeing her first thing in the morning was enough to ruin a possibly perfectly good day.

But that's not the point of this entry. What happened just barely an hour ago in the corridors— Come to think of it, I probably shouldn’t even be writing it down. Just in case some nosy berk tries to hack my charms for fun.

Still, that was something else. And pretty hard to swallow all at once. I want to say that I still can't believe it but with the way Jaci was, there's no way she would be lying about it, right? That white owl really was there too!

... I wonder what he wants?

like from a legend, Firey passion
To the lovely person who left all those.. 'surprises' all over my bed:

I'm flattered; I mean really, I am. The random explosion of pink hearts, ribbons and crepe papers everywhere in my room was nice, though a pain to get rid of. I do hope you won't be doing a replay of this come Valentine's Day.

I really would like to know who you are. I would have left it as is if it was just the hearts and ribbons but Merlin, even my pillows have been transfigured now! Don't be shy, do tell me who you are. I won't hurt you too much for pinkify-ing my room. I've narrow my suspects of you to being a girl between the years of two and four, though I haven't ruled out the possibility of it being someone from another house. Or if it might have been a boy.

Please don't hesitate to tell me if you're a boy, in fact, you must tell me if you are. This way I'll prepare alarms and hexes on my curtains for you ♥.

Yours truly,

Soren Sigurd
Who might be a little sick of pink now.
3rd-Mar-2006 04:03 pm - Owl Post
Lions for the win!, Gryffindor pride
Send Soren an Owl here!

Soren will reply back to you ASAP, unless it's a Howler.
24th-Feb-2006 11:01 pm - OOC - Backstory!
like from a legend, Firey passion
If you want to have backstory with Soren, leave a comment here. His character profile is here for reference.

I think he would have some sort of history with any Gryffindors or Sixth year students. ;D
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